Process of Milk before it becomes Chess

Chess is very important in the table of every family as it adds to much taste to every meal we eat, especially to bread. But, do you have any idea the process it goes through before it enters the battle that you have in your house? But one thing that I know is, it was made and process with a high-quality product. All milk products that were sold in the store and used any product passed the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance that provides guidelines to every milk company.
Milk is mostly from cows, goat, sheep, or in water buffalo which has sanitary procedures and cooled in a 45 degrees within two hours after milking. The milk is picked up by a milk truck and takes a sample to it, mostly it was picked-up by different farms. After the truck reach the processing plant, the load of the truck was tested to make sure it doesn’t contain any antibiotic residues and if the milk was positive with antibiotic residues, the truck milk is automatically the entire truck milk will be discarded While the other milk trucks will be pumped into the plant’s holding tanks for more sanitation and process.
Since the milk is already in the plant holding tanks, the milk will be processed within two days (24 hours) under 45 degrees. The longer the time the milk was restored in the refrigerator, the more possibilities of acquiring growth of spoilage organism, which is commonly called as psychrotrophs. Most of the raw milk pasteurized by milk companies are produced as milk powder and chess. The last treatment of process that will be applied to the milk was dependent on the kind of end product of the raw milk. This process called heat treatment, and this is under the composition of dairy products law called Standards of Identity.